Departure time: 7:30 approximately
Return time: 18:30 approximately
Bus journey duration (outward and return journey): 4h approximately
Hike duration: around 6h
Distance: 10 km
Difficulty: meddium/high
Total ascend: 680 m
Total descend: 680 m

Additional activity: Meeting in Las Vegas 

Ref.: WED-4 (20.05.2020) 
Price: 35€/person

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This branch starts at the PR-TF 83.1 trail in area known as El Aserradero, near the cliff of Risco de Los Muertos. The trail transports us to a not too distant past, when the forest was a key part of the local livelihood.

After crossing the ravine of Cho Candelaria, the path heads down to the south along the ridge of Lomo de El Seco. We recommend you go slightly out of your way to climb to the top of Montaña de Tames, where the views are spectacular.

Further ahead, there is another short detour leading to the Fuente del Guirre Fountain, and near it stands Pino del Guirre, an old Canarian pine tree that stands out over the rest for its sheer height and width. As you approach Casa del Seco, you will come to the crossroads with the PR-TF 83.4 trail known as Camino del Molino.

Carry on down the Madre del Agua track to a junction and follow the traditional pathway back to Las Vegas across the Barranco Seco ravine. This last stretch reveals an agricultural landscape, with sandy farm terraces and water harvesting systems lining the slopes and ravines, many of which are still in use.